How it works

LicenseMaster is a product activation method that allows the activation of the software over the Internet. The product is intended for ISVs who do not want to build heavy licens management solutions.

LicenseMaster consists of a component that you put into the software. This component communicates with LicenseMaster server for the exchange of license information. This component is supplied as a DLL file, and it will be distributed with your software.

The implementation of LicenseMaster in your software will be done in minutes.

How does the solution work for the customer?

1The user starts the software and a LicenseMaster activation dialog will popup.

2If the user is within the trial period he will be able to continue without registering any details. If the trial over, he had to register the product or exit the software.

3The user submit the received user information and choose to activate the software. The software then connects to the LicenseMaster server with an activation request.

4The LicenseMaster server validates the information is received and return the information back to the software.

5If the activation is approved, the software is unlocked and the user can use it without any limitations.

How does the solution work for the developer?

1The developer is notified that his program is sold to a customer. Customer information is entered in the system. This can also be done by the customer himself (using self-activation).

2LicenseMaster send out an activation email to the customer, with all the information necessary to activate the product. Then the user activates the software.

3The activation process is now completed and the developer can monitor the license usage from LicenseMaster's webinterface.